Hardwood Heat Log Briquettes – Pallet




These genuine hardwood heat logs are hot-burning and long-lasting wood briquettes made only with OAK & BEECH sawdust. They are very dark brown on the outer edges where they have been flamed and have a beautiful aroma. They ignite very quickly and burn longer with a beautiful bright flame. They are suitable for use in fireplaces, multifuel stoves and log stoves.
The heat logs contain only 6% moisture compared to about 7-10% in other types of heat logs and burn exceptionally well. The hole in the centre increases air flow helping them to light quicker.

  • Packs of 12 Briquettes.
  • Each pack is 10kg in weight.
  • 100 Packs per Pallet.
  • Quick, easy lighting
  • Strong, long-lasting burning

Produces a total of 18.74 mega joules of energy in independent tests.
Each individual pack of 12 briquettes is wrapped in plastic and bound with strong binder tape.

Heat logs should be kept in a dry environment and not left outside.